Water Office

[Harold Samuels Finance Building]Address:
201 N. Ector Dr.
817-685-1526 (After Hours Emergency)
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Water Office is located inside the Harold Samuels Finance Building on the City Hall Campus.

Useful Resources

New Service

To establish new service, visit the Water Office to complete an application. Two forms of identification (Drivers License and Social Security), Deposit, and Account Initiation Fee are required prior to service.

A complete list of fees can be found in Chapter 30 Sections 33-41 and Chapter 86 Sections 26-37 and 46-50 in the City of Euless' Code of Ordinances.

Tiered Water Rates

Kids Playing with Water

In an effort to plan for future water supplies and promote water conservation, the Euless City Council approved a tiered water rate that encourages efficient water use.

The more water you conserve, the lower your monthly bill. The new structure will charge more per unit as consumption increases. The tiered water rates began in October 2009.

Sanitation and Recycling Rates

Residential monthly sanitation charges are $9.83 for twice weekly pickup. Commercial sanitation charges are based on type of service desired.

Monthly residential recycling is $1.39 per month for weekly service. A rate of $0.69 is charged to residents 65 and over (proof required). Blue bags for recycling are available from numerous area food and home improvement retailers. You can also order a recycling cart or bin at an additional charge of $1.56 per month. Each month's charges are due on or before the 20th day after the billing date.