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2017 Volunteers of the Year Awarded

Euless volunteers consistently give their time and energy to make our community FabEuless. In turn, the City of Euless honors volunteers each year to celebrate the dedication and service of these outstanding people.

Volunteer of the Year – Betty Priddy

[Betty Priddy]This year we are proud to present the Volunteer of the Year award to Betty Priddy. Betty is an active volunteer for the Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association (ECFAAA) and the Euless Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (ECPAAA). She volunteers at the Fire and Police Department every week. When Betty reports to duty at the Fire Department, she answers the phone and greets people who come in the door. Fire Marshall Paul Smith said, "Betty’s assistance is invaluable to the Fire Department. In addition to being just an awesome person, she comes in every Tuesday afternoon and answers the phone for the Fire Department Admin. Her personal time frees up our staff members to work on other assignments. It’s very comforting that she knows the Fire Department and can answer a number of questions for our residents."  Betty also volunteers for special events, such as the Fire Station Open House and its annual Steak Dinner fundraiser. When the Fire Department responds to structure fires, Betty is on the recall list to do rehab for the firefighters. She's part of a group that goes on site and supplies hydrating liquids, snacks and cooling fans in the hot weather months or coffee and hot cocoa in the cold weather months. For the Police Department, Betty helps any way she can, including watering the plants at the Police Department and the courts facility, as well as volunteering at the annual Barbecue Dinner and Silent Auction. Members of the Fire Department and the Police Department highly appreciate Betty's contributions. 

Volunteer Business of the Year – Dalworth Restoration

[Dalworth]We are happy to select Dalworth Restoration as our Volunteer Business of the Year. This family-owned business, which has been in existence for 40 years, is known for its community outreach. Over the years, it has partnered with 6 Stones to help repair Euless homes for those who don't have the funds for renovations. Most recently they sponsored the 200th CPR home in Euless and in addition to donating thousands of dollars of materials and labor, they proved how competent their company really is. They brought a crew of professionals and assisted a homeowner who became bed-ridden with extensive injuries and suffered brain trauma after a debilitating motorcycle accident. He received a new roof, new doors, a fresh coat of paint, a yard clean up and witnessed his home come back to life. In addition, the company has performed a special sanitizing service (free) for a mother who couldn't afford to give her young girl a sterile environment, even though her daughter had a compromised immune system. Dalworth Restoration has supported exemplary HEB students by sending them to iFly where they experienced indoor skydiving and learned first-hand STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts. In their efforts to "restore kindness" Dalworth employees have also brought Rita's Frozen Ice to a Euless Fire Station, donated 112 turkeys to local food banks for Thanksgiving and passed out cupcakes to random people to brighten their day. Dalworth Restoration is a great community partner.

Volunteer Youth of the Year – Hariza Mast

[Hariza Mast]We are pleased to present the Volunteer Youth of the Year award to Hariza Mast. As President of Trinity High School's National Honor Society, she has led her fellow students in various capacities, including recruiting, assigning and managing these volunteers to assist at special events, such as:

  • 2017 Arbor Daze
  • 2017 Texas Junior Anglers Fishing
  • Halloween Trunk or Treat
  • Christmas Parade of Lights
  • Heritage Park Christmas

Hariza has a kind and generous nature. She is willing to help in any way and she does so with a positive attitude. Her service hours and dedication to our city and its citizens help make the City of Euless a better place to live.

Volunteer Group Award – Euless Police and Fire Academy Alumni Associations

[ECFAAA and ECPAAA]The Euless Police and Fire Departments both know how fortunate they are to each have volunteer groups dedicated to their success. Both the Police and Fire offer Citizen Academies to learn more about the inner workings of their departments and more importantly the first responders. At the conclusion of the course, participants are given the opportunity to join the respective alumni associations to continue to work closely with the departments. The great thing about the alumni associations is there are opportunities for all. Volunteers can contribute to the continuing success of our Police and Fire by training to be a part of a Citizen Emergency Response Team after an emergency, helping out during open houses, assisting with the semi-annual Crud Day or they can simply bake cookies for a fundraiser. We are glad to give the Volunteer Group Award to the volunteers who helped make Euless' first responders a success. As members of the Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association and the Euless Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, these folks are the cream of the crop!

Lifetime Achievement Award – Don Martin

[Don Martin]We are happy to bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award to Don Martin, long-term President of the Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association and tireless supporter of the City of Euless.

Don is involved in a variety of civic activities and he is very supportive of city functions. He has a long list of credentials that include being:

  • President of Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association
  • President of Texas Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association
  • Member of Euless Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association
  • Member of Citizens on Patrol
  • Member of Fire Department Rehab team
  • Member of Euless Crime Control and Prevention District Board
  • Member of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Ambassador at DFW Airport

Don is always available to help where needed. For example, he volunteers over 1,000 hours in the Citizens on Patrol (COP) car every year and assists the Police Department which frees officers to concentrate on duties that are more important. As President of the CFA he volunteers on the Rehab Team and is always available to coordinate the many special events that ECFAAA hosts each year including the Steak Dinner Fundraiser, Christmas Party and several special events at the fire stations to make sure the Firefighters working on Thanksgiving and Christmas still have a special meal and fellowship with volunteers. Shreds sensitive documents, write citations to those who park in handicapped spaces.

Fire Chief Wes Rhodes said, “You won’t find anybody more involved than Don Martin. His support benefits our community and his devotion and commitment to the City of Euless is truly inspirational!”

Congratulations to all of this year's winners! We highly value these volunteers' contributions and appreciate their love and dedication for Euless. Thank you for choosing to spend your time and energy to help make our city great!